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A Little About Us

Meet "Booger"

Booger is an Angus Brangus cross. He has been a joy in the feed pen. He loves to give kisses and get ear massages. He started our feed program at approx 800# his final weight 1625#. We have had numerous excellent reviews about the heavy marbling, tenderness and great taste!!

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Pinky just came back from te processor. We allow our beef to hang for 21 days in order to maximize the potential of the tenderness and flavor. Pinky is an Angus Hereford cross. He came into our feed yard from the pasture weighing approximately 700#. He finished at 1450#.

New Babies

At C91 Ranches new babies hit the ground year round. This works out perfectly so we have new steers reready to start in the feed yard every month. The calves stay in the pasture with mom until they are weighing approximately 700#, then they are transitioned to the feed yard. We have all different breeds of cattle on our ranches. So much emphasis is put on the Angus breed, but we have processed several different breeds already Angus included, as far as taste and tenderness is concerned "it's the feed, not the breed' that makes the difference!