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A Little About Us

Skin Care Products

Whipped Tallow Balm now available. Handmade from the tallow from our steers, this skin care product is absolutely amazing. After trying this you will never want to use store bought lotions again. My skin has never been so soft! It has wonderful anti aging properties as well, and can replace your expensive face creams. Also works great on burns. I have even used it on my leather boots. Just be cautious, a little goes a long ways. Soon we will have other Tallow products available as well. Such as bar soap and chapstick. Give our whipped tallow balm a try.

"Gentle Giants"

Our steers aren't just numbers in a feed yard. They all have names and their own personalities. Currently "Snort" is my favorite. Some may start out wild and try to run me over, but they all end up eating out of my hand. They have room to run and play if they choose, and large oak trees to lay up under in the shade.

New Babies

At C91 Ranches new babies hit the ground year round. This works out perfectly so we have new steers reready to start in the feed yard every month. The calves stay in the pasture with mom until they are weighing approximately 700#, then they are transitioned to the feed yard. We have all different breeds of cattle on our ranches. So much emphasis is put on the Angus breed, but we have processed several different breeds already Angus included, as far as taste and tenderness is concerned "it's the feed, not the breed' that makes the difference!